FAQ / Tips

What to do when a death occur in the hospital / or at home?

Step 1: Stay calm, contact Remembrance Services at 24 Hrs hotline 9623 8185 / 8138 0271 for our advice.

Step 2: If death occur at Hospital, Obtain a Certificate of Cause of Death (CCOD) from a doctor, If death occur at home, we will provide a doctor to your house to certify the death on the spot

Step 3: Our Funeral Director will then discuss the funeral arrangements with the family.

Step 4: Our service staff will send the body for cleaning, changing and makeup. (Remember to prepare and bring 1 full set of deceased’s clean clothing)

Step 5: Decide the place for Cremation/Burial. (It’s our job to book the Cremation timing/Burial Plot.)

Step 6: Bring the Certificate of Cause of Death (CCOD), Both IC of deceased's and any next of kin's to any Police Station to obtain the death certificate.

Step 7: Go to your respective Town Council to apply for void deck usage permit.

Step 8: Meet at the Funeral Memorial Site for funeral service preparations.